Auto Insurance

The Importance of Automobile Insurance

If you’re an adult in the US, you probably own a car. You probably already know about auto insurance, too. But do you have auto insurance, and do you know if you have the best coverage? You should know details about your coverage so you can know if you have a good deal.

Most states in the US require drivers to have automobile insurance. It helps to know the laws of your state, and to know what your state requires insurance wise. Also learn what optional or additional coverage will help protect you if you’re involved in an accident.

Before purchasing auto insurance you should consider the type of car you have, the amount of money you can spend on insurance, and your driving history. Understanding the basics of auto insurance gives you the confidence that your policy is sufficient for your needs.

The first coverage any driver should consider is liability. Liability is important because it pays for accidental property and bodily injury to others. Collision pays damages to your vehicle caused by another object or vehicle. Comprehension pays for damages or losses to the insured vehicle that occurs in a non-accident incident. This covers situations like hail damage, vandalism, fire, or theft.

Medical coverage is for medical expenses due to an auto accident, no matter who is at fault.

Although most states require insurance, not all motorists follow the law. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for your damages when caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance.

Rental reimbursement might be an option as well. This coverage will pay if a rental car is damaged due to an auto accident.

Before purchasing auto insurance, learn your state laws. It’s possible you don’t need extensive coverage. If liability is the minimum, then you might want to get that and nothing else. But it doesn’t hurt to have the best coverage you can afford.